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La lettera di Emmanuel alla Misericordia di Andria

La lettera di Emmanuel alla Misericordia di Andria

Ospite sino a ieri del CAS “Buona Speranza”: da oggi nuovamente cittadino del mondo

Lui è Emmanuel, lui è uno dei ragazzi ospitati all’interno del CAS “Buona Speranza”, lui è uno dei ragazzi ospitati sino a ieri nel CAS perchè da oggi è finalmente autonomo. Ha una sua casa, un lavoro, un permesso di soggiorno. Insomma è semplicemente un uomo che abbiamo cercato di aiutare per inserirlo nel nostro tessuto sociale, come facciamo ogni giorno in tutti i servizi della Misericordia. E lui ci è riuscito ed ha voluto ringraziarci con queste poche righe che riportiamo integralmente e che ci rendono davvero orgogliosi.

Thank you for the courage to welcome a stranger into your home with little to no knowledge of who they are or what impact they will make.

Thank you for being driven by the hope and faith that you can make a positive difference in my life.

Thank you for allowing your values and world views to be challenged by a young person coming from a very different place in life than your own.

Thank you for putting your family stability, harmony and relationships at risk for my sake.

Thank you for dealing with disappointments by getting right back on the horse and marching full steam ahead.

Thank you for taking in children and youth, at all hours of the night, under crazy circumstances and much uncertainty.

Thank you for putting your lives “under the microscope”, in essence, living in a glass house under the scrutiny of so many agency eyes.

Thank you for going to battle with schools, doctors, social workers, probation officers, even neighbors, as an advocate for me.

Thank you for many nights of little to no sleep as you have served as a comforter, consoler or watchdog.

Thank you for being the “Transporter”– taking me here, there and everywhere.

Thank you for altering your home and lifestyle in order to comply with licensing and safety regulations.

Thank you for working within a challenging licensing system which can automatically assume you are “guilty” of any complaint until proven otherwise.

Thank you for participating in lots and lots of training; and also, for seeking advice when you need it most.

Thank you for traveling the “extra mile” and more—over and over and over…

Thank you for laying out your life story– the good and the bad– in plain view, in order to become a foster parent.

Thank you for participating in team meetings, IEP’s, case debriefings, attending court and all of the extra activities that come bundled in with me.

Thank you for your creativity and all the amazing, fun ideas and activities you come up with to help me.

Thank you for filling out lots of forms, saving receipts, completing logs, maintaining secure files and records, and conducting all of the other “administrative” duties required.

Thank you for asking for emergency help and assistance when needed.

Thank you for being the “first responder” to the multiple emergencies and crises with me.

Thank you for being a counselor, a tutor, a coach, a friend and a role model to me.

Thank you for letting your home become “Grand Central Station” with so many workers intruding into your space.

Thank you for being a wonderful, willing team player.

Thank you for loving the unlovely, healing the hurt, guiding the lost and correcting inappropriate behavior.

Thank you for taking caring of me when you didn’t need to“.

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